Clear Braces

Do you want straight teeth, without having to wear metal braces?

Clear braces can align your smile using a series of clear positioners and other 'invisible' appliances. This new form of orthodontics is ideal for straightening crooked, overlapping or spaced teeth. Each positioner is comfortable and convenient to wear and should ideally be worn for two weeks, so that the teeth can gently align into the desired position.

Our dentists are certified to deliver this treatment and we will guide you through the process and discuss the aesthetic and oral health benefits of wearing the positioners.

If you choose to go ahead with clear braces, impressions will be taken of your teeth along with x-rays and photos so that we can create your own positioners and track your progress over time. You will need to come into the practice regularly so we can check the positioners and supply you with new ones.

If you would like to find out more about clear braces, call the practice to book an appointment.

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