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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, removable aligners as an alternative to traditional 'fixed' metal braces.

Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without being seen wearing braces. The clear, removable aligners gradually move your teeth to the desired position.

The Invisalign system is metal-free as it does not use any metal wires, brackets or bands to reposition your teeth.

In addition, each aligner is completely bespoke and is custom-made to fit your teeth. This ensures a very precise and comfortable fit.

Watch How Invisalign Works
Made to Move All Sorts of Smiles
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Week 1
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Week 1
Deep bite
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Week 1
Gapped teeth
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Open bite
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How Invisalign works
4 steps to your new smile.
Step 1
The first step is to have an initial chat to discuss your concerns and aspirations. Whether your smile needs minor improvement or something more extensive, we will discuss your treatment options with you and start to plan your Invisalign treatment to help you achieve your dream smile.
Step 2
If Invisalign treatment is right for you, our team will take photos, x-rays and impressions of your teeth. Then we'll create a digital treatment plan for you. Our 'outcome simulator' software will show you what your improved smile will look like via a 3D video.
Step 3
We'll give you a series of clear aligners to wear. Each aligner is worn for 1 week before moving on to the next aligner in the series. You can comfortably wear each aligner for the recommended 22 hours a day and, because they're removable, it's easy to maintain your normal oral hygiene routine and enjoy your usual diet.
Step 4
We'll invite you back to the Practice around every 4-6 weeks to monitor your progress and to hand over your next few sets of aligners. At the end of your treatment, you will need to wear your retainers to maintain your lovely new smile.
What Are The Benefits?
  • Clear - The transparent aligners are virtually invisible during treatment so you can straighten your smile discreetly
  • Removable - As the aligners can be removed to eat and drink, and also when brushing and flossing, there's minimal impact on your diet and oral hygiene routine
  • Metal-free - Increased comfort during treatment as there are no metal wires or brackets to irritate your mouth

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